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AMD Ryzen

AMD Ryzen

So Ryzen has finally happened, the break away from Intel's control over the cpu market for the last decade since the launch of their Core architecture which begin a period of domination by Intel not rivaled until now.


AMD's new Ryzen CPUs are a line of highly competitive desktop processors that range from four-core mainstream chips to the eight-core monsters such as the Ryzen 7 1800X.


Now sorry to burst the little excitement bubble, but Ryzen is no Intel killer, it's more of a wallet relief. When it comes down to the numbers Intel still outperforms the Ryzen chips in terms of instructions per clock or IPC. And thus far you are not going to be able to utilise the 8 core 16 thread monster, applications are going to take awhile before they start maximising their performance with the new chipsets.  And if gaming is your thing, in it's current state Ryzen is not the CPU to buy. 


But with all this being said, if you are a mainstream user who wants to use their work station as a gaming PC, then Intel is not your only go to chip any more. 


The value for money that Ryzen now offers to Intel's equivalent can not be taken lightly. At just over R5000 you will be knocking on the door of the performance delivered by a R12000+ Intel i7 chip. So when comparing these prices and performance specs the decision gets quite easy. A quad core 8 thread i7 or a 8 core 16 thread Ryzen X that boosts its clock to 4ghz. 


But wait! There is more... o boy, Intel's reaction so far has been to slash it's prices on the i5 and i7 chips respectively (by almost 30%). So if you thinking of a new build or was about to go out and drop a whole lot of cash on a sweet new rig, maybe now's the times to hold out a little and see where this battle royal goes. 




AMD Ryzen
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